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Ways in Which a Caregiver Can Help With Post Stroke Care at Home, Fully Trained & Certified To Provide Care For You And Your Family.

Do you have a loved one who has suffered from a stroke? Well, research shows that each year, nearly 800,000 people suffer from stroke, with three-quarters of the cases being people with 65 years and above. With the recovery process being tough on both the patient and his or her loved ones, a 24 hour home caregiver plays a vital role in ensuring your loved one recovers from the stroke in a variety of ways. Here are ways through which a caregiver can help with post-stroke care at home.

Medication Reminders

Being prescribed with multiple medications that have to be taken at a specific time of the day can be overwhelming. Not forgetting that the doses have to be refilled frequently. Hiring the services of a caregiver offers you and your loved one serenity by assisting with medication reminders, including when and which medication to take.

Physical Therapy Exercises

Rehabilitation is usually recommended during the early stroke recovery stages. However, research shows that healing at home can improve the process. Instead of leaving your loved one bounded to a bed within a facility that they are not familiar with, you can seek the services of a professional caregiver. Having undergone the right training, the caregiver will take the patient through the recommended physical therapy exercises. You can, therefore, rest knowing your loved one is being given proper care within an environment that he or she is familiar with.

Personalized Plans

Stroke often leads to loss of basic functions. It can be difficult for your loved one to move or speak. It, therefore, takes specialized care in ensuring that proper recovery is achieved. Based on the doctor’s recommendation on occupational, physical, and speech therapy, an in-home caregiver can easily implement a treatment plan that is designed explicitly on improving the condition of your loved one. The caregiver works closely with the doctor to ensure the needs of your family member are being fulfilled and progress is taking place.

Follow Through Care

After a stroke, your family member will have lots of medications to consume, lifestyle changes to adapt to, and appointments to attend. For an individual recovering from a health trauma, this can be a lot of responsibility. A home caregiver will, however, help in shouldering this load. This is achieved by providing conveyance and consulting with the physician on ways of improving the quality of services being offered at home. If dietary changes are required, your home caregiver will also help in making the necessary arrangements.


A stroke recovery process is often lonely. Since family members cannot provide all-time care, many patients usually feel isolated, especially the senior. The presence of a home care provider is often an important help. Having a home care provider provides your loved one with someone to talk to and connect with. This prevents the patient from being depressed and discouraged throughout the recovery period.

Regardless of the in-home care, you are looking for; ensure you choose a caregiver with the ability to offer a wide variety of post-stroke recovery options.

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